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    Hi Everyone! Here’s more of the story…

    I finally got the chance to investigate and explore the infamous site of the mysterious and history-rich campus  of my high school, BBIS in Kleinmachnow. Trekking up the familiar  hill leading up to the gates, a slight trickle of fear tingled within me, as I was filled with equal parts anticipation and anxiety. Looking down in my hands, I clutched the rolled up scroll tighter and decided to start exploring around the area. I stopped slightly outside one of the construction sites of the new buildings, and discovered a shed with a slightly ajar door. Cranking the old and rusty metal door open, cobwebs and damp moss greeted me. Thankfully I brought this handy torchlight. Treading in cautiously, I descended a flight of rubbled stairs, the hair on my neck standing in trepidation.

    Alas, as I hit the bottom of the stairs, I shone my torchlight, and was instantly stunned at what lay before me. I felt as though I was in a maze, as countless tunnels greeted me, as I found various paths extending into different directions. I  rubbed my eyes slowly, my heartbeat raising to match the increasing pitter-patter of the rain. Have I really found it? The rumoured nazi tunnels? Unrolling the maps, I decided to orientate myself and head towards the spot within the tunnels with an X marked on it, my mind wandering as to what it could be.

    After getting lost a few times with scares from spiders and weird corners, I entered a dilapidated room and I could almost sense that I had found whatever was so precious. A wooden board stood ominously, with a huge beige cloth draped over it. Taking a deep breath, I decided to rip open the bandaid: and swept the cloth off of it, only for me to freeze in my tracks. A magnificent, time-defying artwork stood in front of me.

    Tada! Here it is!

    Chinese brushwork - Water BUffalo