One of the things that inspired Mark and I to Jump off the Cliff and open a third game / escape room in Corvallis was our love of immersive, funny, Live-Action Role Playing (LARP) experiences.

Roxie “Red” Pepper

Don't get us wrong–we LOVE tabletop games too! However, there's something THRILLING about being another person, with another life, tossed into the middle of mystery where I just might be the one whodunnit, or the one that has that last vital clue that leads to exposing the one whodunnit!

I discovered 31 years ago that I EQUALLY LOVE creating characters and the dastardly scenarios they find themselves in!

The End of Thyme was my very first LARP mystery I wrote 30-some years ago. We've spiced up the old version while maintaining the punny feeling of the original. So come, IMMERSE yourself in one of 12 Character Roles, and get ready to play when you receive in the mail your Character Dossier & Pre-Game Night Secrets Packet.