Season Two | On Saturday, May 7th, Conundrum House launches an unusual clue hunt – Spectres of Benton County Past: Season Two – an adventure that takes players to 5 historic locations with spectral residents who have interesting stories to tell and dilemmas they need you to help them solve!

The adventure can be played offline or On The Ground, or online so you can share the adventure with Family & Friends around the country and world!

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Benton County celebrates Historic Preservation Month with ghostly intent. The Benton County Historic Resources Commission is partnering with Conundrum House to bring the past to life through a mystery adventure game. Spectres of Benton County Past is a clue hunt and historical adventures game.

Clue Hunt activities are connected to six wonderful historic resources in the county, each inspired by resident ghost stories. Starting Saturday May 1st, the first episode of the game will be released. You, your relatives, housemates, and friends have one week to investigate the resources and find the clues to that week’s mysteries. 

Participate in two ways:
1) Boots on the Ground, where you and your “household” teammates physically visit the locations in Benton County, or

2) Virtually, where the adventure happens entirely online. It’s an ideal way to play with family and friends who are remote, and share with them these amazing places surrounding you.

This game is free and open to all ages. And since it can be played entirely on-line, feel free to share this fun and exciting event with people all over North America and beyond!

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Week One kicks off May 6th Here's a little teaser image for your perusal. Do you know where this is?