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Havoc from Hollywood: a 1930s Glamour Murder Mystery @ the Majestic @ Majestic Theater
Mar 21 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

The Great Depression lingers and America looks to Hollywood to lift its spirits. Talkies wild and witty are all the rage, so is the Latin beat of the rumba, while war in Europe looms. But at tonight’s gala fundraiser for beleaguered Mythomania, ALL the top stars strut their stuff at the oldest theater in the little town of Monkshood, Oregon—the Majestic. And here’s a hint—each of these beautiful people is a showstopper, but only one’s a killer!

Created for up to 100 players. 12 Leading Roles, 12 Supporting Roles, with the remaining characters playing as the audience complete with armchair detectives, peanut gallery onlookers, wannabe stars & autograph hounds, and everyman – and woman – sleuths!

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Call (541) 224-8114 or e-mail: librarian (at) conundrumhouse (dot) com

460 SW Madison Avenue | 2nd Floor, Suite 16 | Corvallis OR 97333

We cater to club members of all ages, so you will find the classic board game Clue in many of its variations, including Clue Jr., on our library shelves. You'll also find CSI the Board Game and others.

RPGs = Role Playing Games, which are board games with the added twist of each player taking on a unique role that goes beyond a piece on the board. In an RPG players have motives unique to their characters. Mysterium and Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective are two games that fall into this category. 

Mystery jigsaw puzzles go way beyond the norm. These jigsaws come with a story, and the puzzle contains the clues players need to solve the mystery that unfolds in the accompanying story booklet. In our rental library we carry BePuzzled and Alfred Hitchcock mysteries among others. In the library we also have available wooden puzzles by Corvallis resident Jeremy Smith. These are a bit like tetris, only in 3D.

Mail order mysteries come in a wide variety of experiences – from a single boxed or enveloped set of seemingly random clues like newspapers, posters and other printed ephemera, to a series of mailings that include crated artifacts vital to solving the mysteries. There are many imaginative companies producing subscription box mysteries including The Mysterious Package Company, Hunt a Killer and Dispatch. We've a couple of these in our library, and offer group “buy-ins” to the more elaborate, and expensive experiences that many of us cannot afford to buy for ourselves on a regular basis. 

Before there was Conundrum House, there was Black Ink Mysteries. Black Ink Mysteries specialized in creating original live-action role playing (LARPs) who-and-howdunnits for military personnel stationed on the tiny island of Okinawa. Adrienne wrote her first LARP, The End of Thyme, as a small dinner party game in the flavor of the tongue-in-cheek bookcase games of the early 90s. Other themes ran the gamut from a 1930's Hollywood murder mystery, to a turn-of-the-century circus story, to a juke joint in the Mississippi Delta. We're reviving those LARPs, putting them through a rewriting process and producing live events at Conundrum House and other locations. Our first event is May 18, 2019, and is the rewrite of the very first murder mystery written by Adrienne in 1987, The End of Thyme. You can buy your seat at the table today by CLICKING HERE.

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Fri & Sat: NOON to 8:00p


Call (541) 224-8114 or e-mail
librarian (at) conundrumhouse (dot) com


460 SW Madison Avenue
2nd Floor, Suite 16
Corvallis OR 97333

Enter on Madison Avenue, right next to Castor's Restaurant. Up the stairs, straight ahead, then right at the New York Central clock. Come all the way down the hall. You will find Conundrum House (an adventure of RemarkableArts) at the end of the hallway to the left. 

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