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        Oh my gosh! It’s so much fun being back involved with BBIS again! And the Club!!!

        Gramps left me a scrolled up map a few years back. I remember him saying never to lose it, and when i can, explore it, and find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Curiously, I opened it, only to be underwhelmed: it was only merely some blueprints of a floor plan of BBIS, my old school.

        I’ve only now realised that this whole time, over the few years, i’ve gotten this whole thing mixed up about the maps. Turned out he wasn’t patronising me, but rather handing me a golden ticket to an adventure of a lifetime. This past week, my curiosity grew, and I was intrigued at the importance he placed on this map. After analysing this map for hours on end, my heart grew fast in excitement as I slowly realised that there was more to it, with rubbed out sketches on the map that were too faint to decipher.

        Did you guys know about the grim history of the campus: it was built over Nazi bunkers?

        Oops, gotta go for a moment. I’ll post more later! Including a super cool artwork I’ll tell you all about!

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          Hi Everyone! Here’s more of the story…

          I finally got the chance to investigate and explore the infamous site of the mysterious and history-rich campus  of my high school, BBIS in Kleinmachnow. Trekking up the familiar  hill leading up to the gates, a slight trickle of fear tingled within me, as I was filled with equal parts anticipation and anxiety. Looking down in my hands, I clutched the rolled up scroll tighter and decided to start exploring around the area. I stopped slightly outside one of the construction sites of the new buildings, and discovered a shed with a slightly ajar door. Cranking the old and rusty metal door open, cobwebs and damp moss greeted me. Thankfully I brought this handy torchlight. Treading in cautiously, I descended a flight of rubbled stairs, the hair on my neck standing in trepidation.

          Alas, as I hit the bottom of the stairs, I shone my torchlight, and was instantly stunned at what lay before me. I felt as though I was in a maze, as countless tunnels greeted me, as I found various paths extending into different directions. I  rubbed my eyes slowly, my heartbeat raising to match the increasing pitter-patter of the rain. Have I really found it? The rumoured nazi tunnels? Unrolling the maps, I decided to orientate myself and head towards the spot within the tunnels with an X marked on it, my mind wandering as to what it could be.

          After getting lost a few times with scares from spiders and weird corners, I entered a dilapidated room and I could almost sense that I had found whatever was so precious. A wooden board stood ominously, with a huge beige cloth draped over it. Taking a deep breath, I decided to rip open the bandaid: and swept the cloth off of it, only for me to freeze in my tracks. A magnificent, time-defying artwork stood in front of me.

          Tada! Here it is!

          Chinese brushwork - Water BUffalo

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            Lia! Hello!

            Did you notice that weird  watermark kind of blue in the corner of your artwork? The piece I inherited from my Grandpa has a similar pattern on it…

            I wonder if someone deliberately defaced art?

            And Lia, thanks for the info on the geiger counter! Larry told me about it too!

            Apparently my grandpa was working at where BBIS is right now regarding a powerplant. I would like to find out more but my grandpa didn’t write much about it in his diary. Did I tell you that he left me his diaries?

            I can’t wait to see you all when we get back together at the auction! Our first reunion!


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              Oh! BTW! Here is the artwork I inherited!

              This work is sooooo industrial!

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                Hey Lia ~

                Do you think the scroll with the map about BBIS. It could possibly have information about where my grandpa worked on and what it was?


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                  Kris, I’d bet on it! I found this in an old book at the BBIS library… I scanned it, then rendered it so it was just lines. Look familiar everyone? It look a lot like the map my grandpops left me…

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