A Mystery Game and Art Auction Fundraiser for UWS and BBIS

Welcome to the Underground

This is the HUB of all things related to the Mystery Game Quest and Art Auction for the 2020 Fundraiser of the United World Schools Student Club by students at the Berlin Brandenburg International School.

Below you will find the schedule of the event, links to the Auction, plus instructions how to access the Zoom meeting room the virtual event is happening in, and the introduction to the Mystery Quest.

Welcome and Thank You for your interest and generosity, and HAVE FUN!

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Running Total EUR 3.191,81 
Updated 6:57pm
CET Saturday 5 Dec

This event would not have been possible without the generous support of the BBIS-PTA, the students of the BBIS-UWS Club, the artists who generously donated their art and time, the student writers participating in creating the Mystery Story, Conundrum House for creating the Mystery Game, RemarkableArts for hosting and facilitating the Virtual Event and Zoom technologies, the teachers and staff at BBIS who went beyond their official duties to contribute expertise, time and insights. And the entire UWS and ConCultures organizations for holding the space for universal education and access to all cultures and peoples around the world.

Specifically, the following individuals and organizations:

Special appearance:

Tim Howarth, CEO United World Schools
Amelie von Borries, ConCultures (UWS Germany)
Om, Leakhena;  UWS Cambodia
Rui-En Chew, Emeli Vorfi, Helena Fabel;  UWS student ambassadors
Rem Johannsen, event MC
Whitney Sterling, campus History buff
Gillian Hargreaves, Mark van der Pol, Adrienne Fritze, Josselyn van der Pol; Zoom hosts

Promotion Team: UWS students, Homeroom 11A, Alexandra Lifshits, Gillian Hargreaves, Nadine Ingerson, Nick Hazell, Lisa Johnson, Josselyn van der Pol

Ebay auction team:  Svetlana Boukhny, Ashley Gerwert (Ebay),  Ronja Kurz, Josselyn van der Pol

Artworks cataloguing team: Svetlana Boukhny, Tong Shen, Ronja Kurz, Filip Jankowski, Brita Frankenstein, Josselyn van der Pol, Gillian Hargreaves

Time after Time creative team: Students: Filip Jankowski, Darren Teo, Rui-En Chew,  Ella Zurek  and Conundrum House – Adrienne Fritze and Mark van der Pol; Gillian Hargreaves, Josselyn van der Pol, Svetlana Boukhny

Technical management of the event:  RemarkableArts – Mark van der Pol and Adrienne Fritze

Clue Help room: Joshua Moenkedieck, Jonathan Ureel

Music room: Kerstin Greaves, Martin Milner, Filip Jankowski, plus artists donations

Kahoot team: Gillian Hargreaves, Josselyn van der Pol, Maryam Ferdosi

Other contributions: With many thanks to BBIS for allowing and encouraging its people to find  creative solutions to challenges. The PTA at BBIS for exemplifying how community building is at the core of their mission. Together we are stronger.

Thank you for all the art donated, without your pieces this event would not have been possible. THANK YOU for all donations. 

UWS thanks you

O-Swy students thank you.

We are proud to be part of this strong BBIS community where we all believe that education has the power to transform lives.

4:00 Welcome & Students Introductions of UWS at BBIS
4:10 Keynote Interview
4:30 O-Swy School in Cambodia
4:35 Auction Content and Benefits
4:40 Mystery Quest Explained
4:45 Historical Background & Quest Clue hunt begins!
5:00 Musical Performances (in break out room)
6:00 Auction final moments, Auction progressively closes
6:15 Kahoot Practice (in break out room)
6:43 Auction Closes (in Auction Hall)
6:45 Kahoot Quiz and Mystery Reveal
7:00 Kahoot Champion, Auction totals.
7:00 Art Competition winners announced.

 Approximate Berlin times.

The event will use a Zoom room meeting which you can access with this link.

While the official start is 4PM CET (3PM UK) the room will be open at least 30 minutes early to allow for resolving connection challenges etc.

In case that link doesn't place you directly into the room, or you use a different device to connect to Zoom meetings, the pertinent details are:

  • Zoom meeting ID: 84999491392,
  • passcode: UWS-BBIS.

Sometimes your internet connection may be spotty. If so, you can call in to a “local” number and get a solid audio only connection via your cell phone. In Germany, call in numbers are:

+49 30 5679 5800
+49 69 5050 2596
+49 69 3807 9883
+49 69 7104 9922

Outsicde Germany, you can find your county’s local access numbers here: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kd3AIzSC5h

On the phone, you will be prompted for the
meeting ID:  84999491392#
and numeric passcode 85688177#

Only use this to call in if your video device is having audio issues – we do not recommend calling in with audio only.

During the event, there are various Rooms available for your use. The 3 main ones are:

the Auction Hall. Rem will MC this room, and track the auction and what the hot items are. Pop in here to see the live status of the auction and what is trending!

the Music Room. Martin, Kersten, and Filip will be spinning tunes and performancces in this room – see the Music tab for a schedule.

the Quest Clue Help Here! Intrepid sleuths Joshua and Jonathan are on hand to provide hints, clues and vague explanations to help you in your quest.

There is also a Kahoot Practice Room where you can find instructions to install the Kahoot app, and at 6:15 a mini practice Kahoot will be run for those wanting to make sure everything works and to get familiar with how to play.

There are also a number of Famous Detective rooms you can go into with your frineds and family to colaborate on the Mystery Game Quest, or just hang out with each other.

To access a Breakout Room

If you are on a device with the Zoom app, click on the breakout room icon at the bottom or top of your zoom window. Find the room of your choice, and click on the number next to the name, and the (Join) button, when you see that.

If you accessing the event via a browser, ask the Room Manager to assign you to the Music Room.

To leave a breakout room

Click the Blue Leave Room button at the bottom or top of your Zoom video window, then select Leave Breakout Room – don't pick Leave Meeting – that will take you right out of the event, and you will have to connect again.

To change breakout room

If you are on the Zoom app, then click on the breakout room icon to bring up the list of rooms, and join another room. You will be  placed in the new room. Give Zoom a few moments to do the  video switching to make it happen.

If you are accessing the event through the web browser, you'll have to leave the breakout room first. In the Lobby, if the room schedule is shown, ask to be assigned to the room you select. If the list is not visible, ask the Room Manager what other rooms are open and they will assign you to the room you pick.


The Music Room will be open between 5pm and 6:30pm. Various performances are scheduled, including some live performances!!


Music Room Schedule


5:00 pm Room Opens. Martin kicks off the proceedings.


performer Piece
Billie's Bounce / Charlie Parker starting at 20'19 !!!
Panni ( Grade 11 students)
Ben : Close your eyes
Ben : The way you look tonight
Sid, Ben : Black Bird
Panni (Staff choir )
Reach Out and Touch
The Mamma Mias
We've only just begun start 7'57 – 11'04
Thank you for the music start 14'14 – 18'08
Brent & Kirsten
Leise rieselt der Schnee / Feliz Navidad
Brent & Kirsten
For Good – Wicked
LusciousBB (student) Code 33
Qi : Lucius' Rap
Martin Milner
What You Do With What You've Got
Andreas Alisch Empfindungen
Sofiia Miroshnykova Odna Kalyna
Mark Volkov, Fin LundBruning, Filip Jankowski
RdjAchim & Suzi Quetro Stumblin' In


6:30 pm Room closes

Mystery Quest Conclusion
Art Submission Forum
Production Forum