November 16, 2019 all-day
Conundrum House
460 SW Madison Avenue
Suite 16
Corvallis OR 97333

This is a full day experience. You become a member on an elite Homicide Investigative Team, working to solve the murder of single mom, Missy Hammond. Teams are comprised of 7 to 11 members, and are split into two groups – the forensic team, and the witness and suspect interview team. This is a great team building experience, but is also appropriate for teams comprised of individuals not previously known to each other. All roles will be assigned during the morning session. Teams have until 5 p.m. to analyze all the evidence and to make their case for the D.A.

Dust evidence for prints to match against suspects, test fabric samples for the presence of blood, and examine the police case file to solve the murder of Missy Hammond.

Materials included:

  • Fingerprint brush
  • Fingerprint powder
  • Fingerprint lifting tape
  • Forenstix blood test
  • Fingerprint evidence
  • Blood evidence (sterilized, non-human)
  • Full access to the official case files.

Bonus Contents: We include enough fingerprinting supplies to leave you with a working fingerprint kit after you solve the case.