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    • Art Auction 2020
      The discussions about the Art Auction created for the 2020 UWS-BBIS fundraiser.
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    • Mystery Quest Conclusion
      This Forum collects the conclusions of the sleuths in the Mystery Quest. Great job! You have arrived at the end of the Hunt. Your task now is to put all the bits and pieces you've uncovered together into a cohesive narrative.  With a bit of sleuthing luck, you will realize that you have discovered that one, last, significant thing that brings you to a proper conclusion to this evening's story. We want to hear what you think. 
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    • UWS Art Auction 2020
      This Forum collects the art descriptions that will be auctioned for the fundraiser in December 2020. It is intended to allow the organisers to see what is being submitted, and to make sure descriptions and pictures exist and are available for transfer to the auction web site, when that is selected. It also allows donors and other contributers to see what sort of art is being submitted, and the nature and quality of the work itself, as well as the supporting information.
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      Adrienne Fritze