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      Mark van der Pol

      Descriptions to use for unknown artworks.

      Title/description image
      1. acrylic on canvas   Black and white background checkered plus Picasso style head 1. IMG_2432.jpg
      2. acrylic and pen on canvas   Night scene – Halloween like 2. IMG_2450.jpg
      3.pen and acrylic on canvas   Abstract leftovers? 3 IMG_2442.jpg
      4. acrylic on canvas   Person black hair on beige background 4. IMG_2435.jpg
      5. watercolour on paper   Black and whote with angle, water color and ink 5. IMG_2447.jpg
      6.coloured pencil on paper   Crayons Black background and blue tones river 6. IMG_2440.jpg
      7. colour pencil on paper   Rose on black paper? 7. IMG_2438.jpg
      8. pen on paper   ?
      10.watercolour and cutouts of print on paper   Eyes nose and mouth, watercolour 10.IMG_2448.jpg
      11.acrylic on canvas and paper   Full face woman with dark long hair 11. IMG_2439.jpg
      12.paper cutouts on wood   Paper cutout on paper – woman, ship, shed 12.IMG_2433.jpg
      13 acrylic on canvas  Dark human image on black background 13 IMG_2436.jpg
      14. paper cutouts on paper   Collage/yellow paper 14. IMG_2451.jpg
      15. watercolour and pen on paper  Geometric black and white blocks 15 IMG_2445.jpg
      16.pen on paper  ?
      17 watercolour and pen on paper  Mirror image women red hair 17. IMG_2434.jpg
      18 watercolour on paper  Red border squiggles designs

      Manuela O.

      18 IMG_2437.jpg
      19 watercolour on paper  Women  face with brown strands of hair 19 IMG_2444.jpg
      20 coloured pencil on paper   ?
      21 acrylic and paper cutouts on wood  ?
      Bo – Mosaic  PacMan (Bo current student, art donated, not competition) Bo IMG_2441.jpg
      9. watercolour on paper with black acrylic base code   Jeremy (Alumni) Jeremy IMG_2443.jpg
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