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        It’s no secret that the online side of things really changed the casino industry in a lot of ways. However, one major way that’s overlooked is the expansion of Baccarat. Before online casinos, Baccarat was only spread at pretty high limits, and it was typically seen as a high-class game that had an exclusive element to it. Now players can get in on the action for very small bet sizes in online casinos, and that exclusive element is gone. Along these lines, people have to learn which bets to take and which to avoid if they want the best chances of coming out on top in this game.

        There are four main bets that you’ll find in almost any Baccarat game. The first is a banker bet, and it has a house advantage of about 1.06 percent. This is really small, smaller than what many players achieve with video poker or blackjack, so it’s obvious that this is a fun bet to take. It’s also the best bet in the game, though it’s not far ahead of the player bet with its 1.24 percent house advantage. In fact, บาคาร่า if the right cards come out of the deck, then the player bet can be better.

        The third bet is the tie bet. This is a bet that the values of both the banker and player hands will come out as the same. This is an absolutely horrible bet to take at 8:1 odds because it has an overwhelming 14.36 percent house edge. This is one of the worst bets in all table games in an online or land-based casino, so you should never take this bet for any reason. In fact, it’s not possible for any card configuration to come out where this is a good bet.

        Our fourth and final bet is the pair bet. This is a bet that one of the hands comes out as a pair, and it normally pays at 11:1. While its 10.36 percent house advantage isn’t as bad as the tie bet, it’s still really bad, and you should never take this bet. While it’s possible in theory for the right cards to come out of the deck to make this a good bet, it’s worse than a one-in-a-million long shot, and it’s never going to be worth it in practical play.

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