On the Table @ Conundrum House (Delivery Now Available)

During the COVID-19 Crisis We are Delivering Games to Your Doorstep until we are no longer allowed to do so.

  • We are taking every precaution of which we are aware to sanitize the games, the delivery vehicle and the person delivering that game.
  • And there remains a risk for us and the person/s receiving the game that are beyond our control. You are ordering the games at your own risk, as we are delivering them at our own risk.
  • VISIT our Rental Library page to see what rentals are available, then call or text us at (541) 224-8114 to reserve a title.

That written, if you are sick at all, or you yourself have the COVID-19 virus as evidenced by testing positive, please let us know.

  • We have a handful of puzzles (crosswords, word searches, cryptograms, et al) we have developed as part of our advertising in the Gazette Times & Albany Democrat. We will e-mail PDF version of these to you to help sustain you over the period of isolation we may all well be enduring with you.
  • Fill in the contact form below to get on our Puzzler mail list and you'll begin receiving puzzles via e-mail every few days or so.
  • NEED HARDCOPY VERSIONS because you do not have access to a printer? Let us know in the form below and we will arrange to drop of an envelope filled with puzzles for you.
  • We ask that you NOT request rentals at this time. AND, if you know of a game, puzzle book, et al in our GAMES STORE that you would like to purchase, we offer you these discounts – 5% off the order total and FREE Local Delivery. Use these coupon codes at checkout: COVID19PROMO and LOCALSHIP.

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